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Rolling Stone Graham Reynolds is "the drummer-pianist and leader of the Golden Arm Trio, an Austin, Texas-based power-jazz merger of John Zorn's Naked City and the 1970s radical-prog band Henry Cow…. Reynolds -- like Zorn, without the heavy weather -- freely charges into other realms as a composer-performer: string quartets, symphonies, soundtracks, improvised super-rock…, crossbreeding classical futurism and punk esprit."
Ain't It Cool News "dynamic..wonderful..glorious"

"the brilliant Graham Reynolds'…original orchestrations….perfectly fit every moment of the film tonight. What a total delight!"
Cinematical "Graham Reynolds' score [for "A Scanner Darkly]…fit subtly and perfectly with the unique look of the film."
Variety "Rich and inventive."
The Examiner "Stunning"
Down Beat "furiously energetic"
Dublog Reynolds' "score was intense and perfect in tone and timing." "Amazing...Reynolds is the perfect choice to score any film"

"some of the most beautiful and mesmerizing music I have ever heard."
Austin Chronicle "Awe-inspiring"
Citysearch "Supercharged"

"Eclectic ensemble sparking an avant-garde /symphonic renaissance in Austin."

"I was in awe of the performance that flew by as fast as lightening strikes."

Propergander "Classically neo jazzetic carnival music...sometimes beautifully serene, other times darkly morose."
The Pitch "The Trio mixes the improvisation of jazz with classical elegance and a touch of the straightforward beats and melodic hooks favored by poppier ensembles... Reynolds has stunned fans with a variety of breathtaking performances."
SF Weekly "Daring…Graham Reynolds scores films, conducts unconventional symphonies, and rewrites the rules of modern jazz."
Music Whore
"Brilliant...No album in recent memory has ever included such an array of timbres, styles and instrumentation and still felt like a cohesive opus."
Texas Observer "Reynolds' musical personality is one of manic exploration, The music swings from rock to classical to klezmer. Taking cues from bands like Sonic Youth and composers like Henry Cowell...The Golden Arm Trio continues to push the envelope....[But] even with all the chamber music, symphonic music, and classical crossover, these guys are still very rock and roll... Golden Arm Trio is venturing where few bands dare to go."
Memphis Commercial-Appeal "One of the most exciting experimental groups around."

Editorial Review:

"A hyper-creative band of genre benders… Graham Reynolds [is] an Austin, Texas, polymath known for film scores, evocative string passages, and gut-busting intensity…  Golden Arm Trio's Why the Sea Is Salt is a great work, one that recalls the early days of Kronos Quartet and all their promise."
Illinois Entertainer "Some serious jazz...a real treat." <<noise transpirante d'improvisation ! excellent titre ! GOLDEN ARM TRIO joue un blues noise pas fantastique du tout>> "You may find yourself remembering scenes from films that have never been made."
SonicNet Golden Arm Trio "defies easy categorization...inluences range from baroque to boogie-woogie...Prokofiev to Prince, Raymond Scott and Waylon Jennings."
Fortissimo "Crumbles traditional boundaries by mingling the unconventional influences of jazz, rock, punk, even hip-hop into original classical compositions."
Texas Monthly "Ranging from rousing to lovely" "Mélodies alambiquées"