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The Tick Tock Club

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The Golden Arm Trio's fourth and most ambitious album.

"Composer Graham Reynolds’ Golden Arm ensemble, which is decidedly not a trio, sounds delightfully quirky in this short but sweet cinematically oriented set. It’s a song cycle of sorts, with recurring motifs popping up in unexpected places as the music careens from tense, string-led chase scenes to found-sound collages, somber Shostakovich tributes and old-school “crime jazz” romps that would make Lalo Schifrin proud. Somehow it all fits together, skipping along like the oddball soundtrack to some improbable cult film." -- Jazz Times

"A short form free jazz movie score romp through sub-genre staples: hip-shaking swing numbers, film noir extreme close ups, lounge flirtations and big band chase sequences. Brass and woodwind helpings aplenty, surprisingly pleasant string arrangements, and a healthy variety of instrumentation and sounds. Even fans of the ever-ubiquitous jammy psych folk type stuff that's all the rage these days would do well to have a listen. " -- WKDU

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A Scanner Darkly: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Music by Graham Reynolds featuring Golden Arm Trio.

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From All Music Guide:

The perfect complement to the woozy, paranoid, not-too-distant future captured in Richard Linklater's adaptation of Phillip K. Dick's A Scanner Darkly, the film's score features compositions by Graham Reynolds and performances by his group, the Golden Arm Trio. The album is full of quicksilver changes in mood and sound, highlighting the surreal atmosphere of the post-war-on-drugs America that the film creates. Strands of post-rock, electronica, jazz, and vintage rock are woven and recombined throughout the album for unusual juxtapositions like "Aphids," which mixes frantic, scrabbling percussion with twangy guitars out of some long-lost spy movie theme, and "Strawberry Pie," which has syrupy-sweet pedal steel and brushed drums that recall classic instrumental pop like Santo & Johnny's "Sleepwalk." Elsewhere, as on the title track and "Little Blue Flowers," a brooding, almost bleak mood emerges. Hallucinatory and evocative, A Scanner Darkly is the musical embodiment of a bad trip -- but that's a compliment. ~ Heather Phares, All Music Guide

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Why the Sea is Salt

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"Brilliant...No album in recent memory has ever included such an array of timbres, styles and instrumentation and still felt like a cohesive opus." --

"The second album from the Golden Arm Trio finds sole constant member Graham Reynolds expanding his already formidable stylistic range to new eclectic heights while retaining his ear for strong, memorable melodies. Is there anything this man can't do?" -- Austin Chronicle

"Classically neo jazzetic carnival music, this newest release from Graham Reynolds' Golden Arm Trio, featuring the Tosca String Quartet, is an excellent specimen of contemporary progressive scoremanship. With an entire ship load of musicians, packing everything from vibraphones to tubas, and all the strings in between, creating a 19 song compilation of intriguing compositions, sometimes beautifully serene, other times darkly morose..." -- Proper Gander



About the Tosca String Quartet:
"Aside from the formidable Kronos, it is hard to think of another contemporary string ensemble that is as versatile and bold in its choice of repertoire, venues, and collaborators." -- San Antonio Current

The Tosca String Quartet has performed with Willie Nelson, Ray Charles, Lyle Lovett, Page & Plant, Ray Price, ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, and John Cale. They also appear on the Dixie Chicks Grammy Award-winning album, Home, and have worked extensively with David Byrne.

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The Golden Arm Trio

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"Denotes the difference between reviving jazz for a new market and reinventing it for a new experience." -- San Francisco Bay Guardian

The Golden Arm Trio's debut self-titled album is a constantly morphing trip through hard, beat-driven jazz to experimental sounds to classical lyricism, all the while making you want to hear more, which is quite an accomplishment for an instrumental record.

The album features everything from composer/leader Graham Reynolds on prepared piano to a full live band. Perhaps because of this album's focus on Graham's work with saxophones, it is often categorized as some breed of jazz. But this eclectic creative epiphany ventures into a new musical frontier that at once demands the ears of both the classical and jazz worlds. A must have for anyone interested in the current underground classical movement.

"Graham Reynolds...rewrites the rules of modern jazz." -- San Francisco Weekly