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A Scanner Darkly

A Scanner Darkly

A Scanner Darkly

Dovzhenko Series


The Lost World

:: Berlin Film About Tesla to Use Grahamís Music

All About Tesla, a documentary about the inventor, is using much of Grahamís score for the Rude Mechsí Requiem for Tesla. The film will be released in 2007 by Maxim Film, a German company with no affiliation with the tastless magazine. Directed by Michael Krause and produced by Peter Roloff, fine more at their website

:: For Your Consideration

So I wonít win anything but I did submit to the Oscars, it was fun and odd to be part of that whole craziness. A composer has to submit him/herself, the studio canít do it, the agents canít do it. Iím not sure whoís allowed to submit, I got an email from The Academy reminding me. And then, Warner is sending me out in their ďmusic packĒ, their promo mailer to the members of The Academy who vote on the music nominations. That process was all under a lengthy and convoluted set of rules that all referred to other rules. Bottom line was, no packaging, no graphics, nothing except for a CD with the music listed on the CD itself, text to be approved by The Academy. The phrase that is everywhere, and is allowed on the CDs, is ďFor Your ConsiderationĒ. Donít know that many people are going to actually be considering my score, but it was an adventure none-the-less.

:: Graham Scoring Austin/Denmark Film Iíll Come Running

Filmed half in Austin and half in Denmark, I'll Come Running is a new feature film by director Spencer Parson, produced by the team that did Gretchen and Old Joy. There is a bunch of pop music from Austin and Denmark but the rest of the music will be Graham's original score. The temp track is Tangerine Dream's score to Risky Business, which itself was based on a Steve Reich piece, so the score should be fun. Here's the plot summary from IMDB: A young Danish man traveling through Texas hooks up with an Austin girl, and even though they're not planning to see each other again, tragic circumstances lead her to his doorstep in Denmark. Graham will finish the score this January.

:: Sally Boy

New feature film directed by Sean Allen. Set and Shot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Graham recently completed the score to "Sally Boy", a new feature film set and shot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Prominently featuring Austin blues icon Guy Forsyth on steel string acoustic and resonator guitar, the music is intimate and minimalist. Guy and Graham have discussed the possibility of continuing the recording sessions at some point, with a full length album in mind.



Starring Keannu Reaves, Wynonna Ryder, Woody Harrelson, and Robert Downy, Jr. MUSIC BY GRAHAM REYNOLDS FEATURING GOLDEN ARM TRIO.

Musicians on the score: Graham Reynolds, Erik Grostic, Thad Scott, Paul Klemperer, Bruce Colson, Joseph Shuffield, Jason Elinof, Jon Dexter, Ames Asbell, Charles Prewitt, Jeff Johnston, Ricky Davis, Jesus Villareal, Mike Hoffer, Wayne Myers, Leigh Ann Woodard, Valerie Klatt.

Composed and Recorded by Graham Reynolds Recording Engineer: Buzz Moran Score Preparation: Peter Stopschinski

Check out the nice things people have said about the score here.


Directed by James Crowley
Music by Graham Reynolds
As seen on the Western Channel, available in video stores nationwide.
Variety magazine called Grahamís score "Rich and inventive."


Directed by Justin Hennard
Music by Graham Reynolds
Now available on DVD, distributed by SRS Cinema


Directed by Steve Collins, Music by Graham Reynolds. Won the big prize at the Los Angeles Film Festival.


Directed by Alex Jones. Music by Graham Reynolds. Premiered at Alex's big 9-11 Conference in Los Angeles. Available at


Starting with Battleship Potemkin, Graham and the Golden Arm Trio have been performing live scores to silent films since 1998. Most were performed initially at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema here in Austin, TX. Several have toured nationally.

Hunchback of Notre Dame
2003. Golden Hornet Project collaboration with Peter Stopschinski.

Austin Film Society Alexander Dovzhenko series

Earth, 2002
Diplomatic Pouch, 2002
Arsenal, 2002
The Unknown, July 2002

Austin Film Society "Women of the Silent Screen" series

Flesh and the Devil, 2002 It, 2002
Amarilly of Clothesline Alley, 2002
Diary of a Lost Girl, 2002
Broken Blossoms, 2002

Faust, January 2002

"Faust last night was marvelous. The live score was intense and perfect in tone and timing, and so loud in the small confines of the Alamo theater that it immersed me completely in sound. The film itself was a swirl of emotion and imagery, archetypes of good and evil struggling in a flickering black and white world of fog and shadow punctuated by stabs and glows of light. For about the first twenty minutes of the film, these were two wonderful but separate experiences. Then, as the Devil transported a now-youthful Faust to the palace of the most beautiful princess in Italy, to tempt him with the pleasures of the flesh in order to capture his soul, the twin experiences of image and sound suddenly fused into one. The rest of the evening I was completely riveted, swallowed up by the world created by the artistic talents of people in 1926 and 2001, working together to create a unique, once-in-a-lifetime film experience." --Dublog

Pandora's Box, 2001
The Lost World, collaboration with Brown Whornet, 2000
Bed and Sofa, 1999
The Wind, 1999
Battleship Potemkin, 1998
The Great Train Robbery and other shorts, 1997

Live From Shiva's Dance Floor
A Speed Levitch Film
Directed by Richard Linklater, 2002
Music by Graham Reynolds and the Golden Arm Trio


Lonelyland, by Steve Collins, 2002
Meat Market, by Chris Ohlson, 2003
Cremains, by Chris Ohlson, 2002
I Love You, by Chris Ohlson, 2001
Outbound, by Jessica Tate, 1998
countless others, including directors Barna Kantor, Mirielle Fornengo, Tiana Hux, Luke Savisky, Jose Mata, etc. ::ANIMATION

Subsidized Fate, by Lance Myers
The Astronomer, by Lance Myers, as seen on PBS and HBO Europe
Russian Cartoon Collection, old collection of oddities. 1997


Film Action IV, by Luke Savisky, feature length film collage, 2000
Exquisite Corpse, Austin Cinemaker Coop, 1998
Funhouse Cinema, house band and film accompanist, 1998-99


The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Subsidized Fate

Women of the Silent Screen
Luke Savisky

Moonlight by the Sea

The Journeyman