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Reynolds has composed for dance through out his career, most recently completing a concert length ballet with Ballet Austin called Cult of Color: Call to Color with choreographer Stephen Mills and visual artist Trenton Doyle Hancock. Other dance collaborators have included choreographers Yakov Sharir, Andrea Ariel, Ellen Bartel, Margery Segal, and others.

The full score to Cult of Color was released on CD and online in April 2008, music from other dance pieces are featured on Golden Arm Trio's Why the Sea is Salt and The Tick-Tock Club.

With Ballet Austin:
Cult of Color: Call to Color,2008

With Ariel DanceTheater:
Seven Rooms to the Soul, 2000
Pexo (as improviser under Walter Thompson), 2001
The Silent Circle (with Peter Stopschinski), 2001

"Soprano Cheryl Parrish with mesmerizing authority as she walked around the center of Ducloux Hall... There was the tension that underlies something beautiful and dangerous, something you're drawn to but feel threatened by. The original music composed by Peter Stopschinski and Graham Reynolds was often thick with foreboding: dark, heavy piano chords, dissonance, stinging percussion... Still, within this ominous atmosphere there was a beauty. Sometimes it was a terrible beauty, as in the music, which retained a kind of majesty even at its harshest." Austin Chronicle, Robert Faires, December 9, 2001
Shoulder to Shoulder (with Peter Stopschinski), 2003

Detour (with Peter Stopschinski), 2005
Gyre (with Peter Stopschinski), 2007

With Spank Dance Company:
2 Times 2 is 1, 1998
In Concert, 2000
Sonambulo, 2003

With Undertow Dance Company:
In Concert, 1997
Not Just Shock, 1999

With Margery Segal Dance Company:
The Bridge, (as improviser under Walter Thompson)

With Sharir/Bustamente Dance Company:
Silence Erupted, 2004
Absent Body, 2003